_3D Art Book Opening in Miami Beach

Prestel Books was in Miami for Art Basel with the ‘3D Art Book’ and 3D Art Show/ Book Signing at Cafeina’s gallery space in Wynwood on Saturday night of the Art Basel weekend. Both the book and the exhibition were curated by participating artist Tristan Eaton. The book features work from over 100 contemporary artists who specialize in street inspired work, illustration, design and more. Each piece was then turned to a red/blue 3D format and paired with 2 pairs of 3d glasses. Sick of 3D yet? Not us, its right up our alley, fabulously kitsch for the moment. One girl got so got caught up that she even began to text in 3D.  A Recreation of the previous show in NYC, the exhibition featured framed 3D prints of select pieces that could be found in the accompanying book. We were there on hand with Brock Brake and many of the artists who were there for the book signing including Ron English, Buffmonster, Haze, Michael DeFeo, Tristan Eaton, and more. Haze, yo, Haze! Many of the artists were on site to share stickers with fans and take their shots at drawing in 3d themselves, hand-signing editions of the book for attendees for over 3 hours. Photos From Brock Brake