_ADER Sticker Packs: ‘While Supplies Last’

We are very excited to announce the release of the extremely limited, never before available sticker packs from NYC graffiti writer and ATM Crew member, ADER. The notorious graffiti writer who many know for one thing or another as his many practices have had a large influence on the ‘new’/current generation of graffiti writers. Not only are these sticker packs from ADER limited, they should almost not even exist. Never before has ADER made stickers, unstuck, available to the public, let alone a variety of original,hand drawn labels and postal’s done by Ader himself. Limited to ONLY 10 packs, each similarly different in their own way and all accompanied by a pin, this item is certain to not last too long on the shelves, if anyone hears about their availability that is.


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