_Chicago Street Art Review: Cutty Spots Edition

How do you keep it fresh? How do you shed the worries of what blog might pick up your piece, what half-hearted sneaker store or gallery might want to play with your image or “put you on”?  The best thing to do is to simply not worry, find the best spots, period. More than ever, Chicago street artists and out of towner’s alike have been going out of their way to find spots, far out of the way, of those who seem to be hunting it down. With pieces from local artists like Nice-One and Left handed wave popping up far west and far south of their usual North side stomping grounds, its quite obvious that many artists are trying to get their message out there, way out there. With sightings from the aforementioned local artists as far south as 47th and Ashland and as far West as the Austin neighborhood, it seems the artists themselves are trying to outrun the buff, capture a new audience or simply just make use of some truly neglected building’s.

Gaia was in town again this summer to work on a few murals and certainly left his mark in some of Chicago’s most violent neighborhood’s during, arguably, the most violent summer on record. Its no surprise for Gaia works to be found in neighborhoods like that of Chicago’s Englewood, Austin and East Garfield Park neighborhoods.Not far behind Gaia were OverUnder and Montreal’s Labrona, both of whom we have brought in to Chicago to work on some murals as well as on a new,  yet to be announced project on Chicago’s Northside. Both OverUnder and Labrona got quite a bit of  coverage all over Chicago, beautifying derelict abandoned buildings from East Garfield Park to West Humboldt Park and Bridgeport.As Chicagoan’s and active members in the street art community we are very pleased to learn of this and of course influence it where possible. If you get the nerve to travel to more of Chicago’s ‘out the way’ neighborhoods in the coming days, weeks, years, it can only help the city grow, get out there and buy gas in a different neighborhood if you have too. Buy your Sour Patch Kids and Gatorade’s at a different corner store from time to time and you’ll be likely to see a lot more on your way too and from.